• The composit products fiberglass Plain/Twill cloth, fiberglass Grinding wheel grade mesh, is woven by the high strength fiberglass yarn. The applications of composite products are widely used for its special properties.


    1.Excellent Temperature Resistance , Min -70℃- Max 280℃
    2.High Strength, Soft And Elastic, Able To Cut And Processing
    3.Excellent Chemical Resistance; Oil Resistance, Acid Resistance, Water Resistance
    4.Anti-Aging and weatherablity, long time keep stable physical properties while in harsh climate conditions
    5.High Insulation Level, High Voltage Ability


    1.Aluminium Foil Laminating: Fiberglass and Aluminium Foil Laminating --- High Strenth, Heat Insulation
    2.Coating: Coated With Silica Gel, Resin, PVC, TFE, Acrylic Acid,etc. Customized According To The customers Requirement
    3.Pipeline Wrapping: Using for Pipeline and Storage Tank outside Wrapping
    4.Waterproof Application: With Bitumen Or Waterproof Roll Used For Water Repellent Housetop Treatment, Crack Treatment
    5.Electric Insulation: To produce Insulation Cloth, Pipe Sleeve, With High Insulation Class, Withstand High Voltage6.Fabric Expansion Joints: As the Pipeline soft Joints, it is effectively solve the problem of Expansion And Contraction.Widely using for Oil Industry, Chemical Industry, Cement, And Energy Resource Industry, etc.

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    Fiberglass Plain/Twill cloth

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