• Net piece for fiberglass reinfored grinding wheel, it is cut by puncher from reinforcing net fiberglass cloth for grinding wheel. The cloth was coated with Phenolic resin epoxy resin, then was baked. Therefore, it has accurate size and flat edge.
    Fiberglass backing pads for flap discs, it is adopted of multi-Layer stack of compression molding in the mold after curing by heating.It is the base material of flap discs with the features of light weight, high strength good adhesive properties etc.

    Main function

    Our products are devided into two big types. One type is nets coated with adhesive-bonded fabric nets coated with black paper. The other type is pure net. Then net piece is widely used as the basal material of grinding wheel which adopts resin as adhesive agent. The grinding wheel which is made with this basal material has properties of excellent heat resistance, cutting at high speed great structural strength.

    Main funciton

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