• Fiberglass yarn is a kind of inorganic non-metallic materials with high performance, especially in heat resistance, corrosion resistance and mechanical strength. Its monofilament diameter ranges from a few to twenties microns, the equivalent of a hair 1/20-1/5. Each fiber strand, made up of hundreds, even thousands of monofilament, is the primary material for other glass fiber composite.

    Chemical properties

    Melting point:680℃
    Boiling point: 1000℃
    Density: 2.4~2.7g/cm3

    Fiberglass yarn is applied in reinforcing plastic for high tensile strength, it is6.3~6.9 g/d at standard condition and 5.4~5.8 g/d under a wet condition. It is high-temperature-resistant, noninflammable, only corroded by concentrated alkaline solutions and concentrated phosphoric acid.

    The molecular structure

    Main constituents

    Yarn consists of SiO2, Al2O3, CaO, B2O3, MgO, and Na2O. In according to alkali content, it could be divided into 3 kinds such as alkali-free (Na2O <2%), medium-alkali (Na2O 8-12%) and high-alkali (Na2O >13%).

    Main constituents

    Main feature

    raw material and application: fiberglass yarn is higher temperature resistant than organic one and other obvious advantage in nonflammability, anti-corrosion, tensile strength thermal insulation, sound insulation, and electric insulation, but it is brittle and wont wear.
    Use as Reinforcing material, fiberglass yarn was widely used and rapidly developed for the feature below.
    1. High tensile strength, small elongation (3%)
    2. High elasticity coefficient, fine rigidity
    3. Large attack energy absorb
    4. Non-organic, nice chemical resistance
    5. Low water absorption
    6. Nice dimensional stability and heat resistance
    7. Transparent, with light transmittance
    8. Develop surface treating agent with good connectivity
    9. Low-cost
    10. Non-combustible, melt to glassy beads at high temperature

    Main function

    The glass fiber yarn mainly serves as the electric insulation material, the industrial filter material, the anticorrosion, moisture-proof, thermal insulation, sound-proof, vibration absorbing materials, as well as enhancement material,reinforced products, such as reinforced plastic, reinforced rubber, reinforced gypsum, reinforced cement, and so on. It is more widely used than other fiber, when coated with organic fiber, it could be made into packing sheet, window screen, wall covering fabric protective clothing for its better flexibility.
    Medium alkali twisted yarn: Mainly used in weaving the wall grid cloth, fiber glass reinforcement for grinding wheel, glass fiber cloth for filters.
    Non-alkali twisted yarn: Mainly used in insulation, corrosion resistance, thermal insulation weaving, as well as insulation winding.

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    Fiberglass yarn

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