• Jiangxi Luobian Glass Fiber Co., Ltd&Jiangxi Huayuan New Material Co., Ltd with more than 10 years development from production to sale, We have built up production lines and Sale departments in Jiangxi , Guangzhou, Jiangsu and Shanghai. Our products sale over 20 provinces to domestic market and also exported overseas market, like American, Europe, Middle Eastern, Russia and Asia. Win-Win co-operation is our concept.

    For raw materials suppliers of glass fiber

    Expand the market share
    Get continuous stability requirements
    Market trend in advance
    Feedback all quality information

    For manufactures

    Complementary products
    Reduce risk of Capacity inventory
    Cooperate with potential customers
    Creates a good competition environment

    For distributors of glass fiber

    Get excellent and stability supplier
    Have various products
    Share production technology and knowledge
    Just do professional matters

    For transportations

    Integrated logistics service
    Improve ability of integrate logistics services to customers
    Build up new logistic way by each other

    For the end customers of fiberglass

    Provide comprehensive services for production and distribution
    Technical guidance of products usage
    Research and development new products

    With more than 10 years experience of development in various area of glass fiber, We have many resources such as advantage equipments, scale of production capacity, the customers from all over the world and professional management team. And also we still keeping R&D, looking for more market share and introducing mature people with leadership qualities. Exchanging each advantage resource to improve company competitive.

    If you have technology resources

    If you have technology resources, you can well display yours technology in Luobian

    If you have customers resources

    Your customers all requirements will be meet by our have five factories, and also we can provide good after sales service and technology to the customers.

    If you have transports resources

    We have domestic market and overseas market will help you to expand your logistic coverage

    If you have resources of employees

    We can provide a big stage for who display his talent, No matter who is

    If you have capital resource

    With increasing demand for build materials in the world, If you invest capital in Jiangxi Luobian Glass Fiber Co., Ltd&Jiangxi Huayuan New Material Co., Ltd, Your investments will be rewarded with satisfaction